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    2 min read

    7 Presentations Every Editor Should Watch

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    ”A few weeks ago shared a few of the presentations they recorded at the most recent NAB in Las Vegas. One of  the 19 presentations the Creative Technologist Michael Kammes gave us a peek at his vision for the future of post-production in the cloud. Michael presented a compelling case for the potential of cloud-based workflows to cut production costs and shorten completion times, while increasing collaboration and creativity...

    Why the talk matters and who should watch:

    More and more post-production and collaboration is moving to the cloud (the fact that you’re reading the blog of means you’re probably aware of that). Understanding what goes into successful cloud-based media management and collaboration is required if you want to stay competitive in this industry.

    • Remote IT tools like TeamViewer and Remote Desktop are “trash,” because they were never meant for video.
    • Future of computing is leveraging all the horsepower in the cloud, but only using a monitor locally.
    • There are four main reasons post-production hasn’t moved to the cloud: computer, latency, bandwidth, and cost.
    • The average latency that someone perceives is 215 ms (milliseconds).
    • When we finally get 5G, we can expect over 400 mbps upload speeds.
    • Michael then goes on to demonstrate the BeBop post-production cloud platform, playing back 4K video from the cloud in Premiere with NO DROPPED FRAMES (that’s pretty impressive!)
    • Afterwards, there are about 5 minutes of Q&A. Don’t miss it…”

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