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    2 min read

    Arturo Sedano from Cinematic Media: With Bebop, we make it easier to handle peak work

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    Cinematic Media highlights the high  performance offered by the Bebop platform to attend complex production processes with remote work stations. Arturo Sedano, director of Cinematic Media, highlights the possibility of having cutting-edge technology and immediate access without having to make very strong investments in technological resources. 

    Bebop is a software that allows remote access to an extremely powerful computer in the cloud. A virtual machine that allows you to create VFX, edit multimedia files, animate, process images and collaborate in real time.

    Arturo Sedano Cinematic Media“With the support of Bebop we can count on work stations for demanding post-production processes or visual effects from one day to the next without having to make very heavy investment disbursements. In the end, the specific needs for the rental of new work stations are transferred from an investment cost to an operating cost”. In addition, Sedano highlights, “accounts with the latest technology and no need for high investment in maintenance. Another great advantage is being able to count on talent in different geographical areas. For example, we can hire a visual effects artist in Guadalajara and you should not cover moving expenses or even maintenance if you have to move to CDMX. In the end you can maximize collaborative work times.”

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