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    BeBop Movember Announcement – We Grew Some Features!

    Featured Image

    BeBop Movember Announcement

    We Grew Some Features! 

    Bebop Flex Project

    Your BeBop Project, soon available from anywhere in the world

    Your files, soon available from anywhere in the world

    Oh and did we mention that it’s also cheaper than ever than before?

    BeBop Flex Project, fueled by the BeBop OS and our partners at Lucid Link

    Your content, your workflows, our security, our collaboration tools = ultimate flexibility

    From anywhere

    BeBop Rev Play

    Review and approval, where would we be without it?

    We just want you to know that your favorite way to review and approve is ready for you right here on BeBop, no additional plugin required!

    Send your team a Bebop Rev Link and get some notes on your edit!

    BeBop Rev Live

    Playout right from your timeline directly in your browser? With low latency?? With tools like Adobe Premiere Pro?!?  

    Do it via Rev Live, built on top of our BeBop Cast technology 

    Realtime, low latency, synchronous web review and approval! Your reviewer or approver just needs a web browser! 

    We Are Not Done Yet… 


    Bebop Rev 11

    We’re even giving you a way to make your Rev Live experience go to 11

    Receive a full NDI stream anywhere in the world directly from BeBop!

    Our BeBop Cast technology will deliver the stream from Adobe Premiere Pro, VLC, vMix, or Viz Vectar and broadcast directly from a BeBop workstation to the BeBop desktop client

    You take it from there on your local network

    Coming Soon: BeBop Rev Jam Session 

    BeBop Rev + Your Favorite Video Conferencing Tool! 


    BeBop Single Sign On (SSO)

    Now you can use your login page instead of ours!

    Securely access BeBop using your enterprise identity system:

    Azure AD
    Office 365

    Available with BeBop enterprise subscriptions

    BeBop Rocket

    Our popular accelerated file transfer feature is getting even more expansive!

    Connector Framework:
    Our Connector Framework is ready for lift-off with some new integrations

    Got your content in Wasabi? Bring it over to BeBop!
    Wasabi is our newest integration on a roster that includes AWS S3, GCP Cloud Storage, and Azure Blob

    We’ll be connecting to more of your favorite cloud storage providers very soon!

    Please join BeBop in making a donation to Movember! 

    Movember’s work in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer has never been more important – and they’ve never needed more support.