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    1 min read

    BeBop Technology Offers Remote Work Insights

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    “To keep the industry working when remote is needed, what are some of the best practices needed to make that happen?

    That’s the question BeBop Technology is tackling in a series of new webinars on remote collaboration, the first of which — “Working From Home Securely: Best practices for M&E” — was held March 11, with Michael Kammes, director of business development for BeBop, and Brian Bedell, the company’s customer success specialist, weighing in.

    Remote Editing - Remote Creative Work by acessing on-premises hardware“A lot of us are going to be working remotely, and we need to provision for working remote, in the best interest of the creative community at large,” Kammes said. “There are a lot of ways to do that.”

    The priorities for any remote working situation need to address security, usability, organization and collaboration, prefereably in that order, Kammes said. “When you’re working at a creative facility, and you’re working with creatives, you’re behind a firewall, he said. But when you’re working from home, that level of security often doesn’t exist, requiring remote workers to be extra cautious…”

    Check out the full article here!