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    Bebop Technology Puts Editing into the Cloud

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    Creating and editing remotely has been the dream of many a creative…especially since the misguided invention of open office floorplans.

    Creating where you want, when you want, but also using the tools you’ve become accustomed to has always been the unreachable creative holy trinity. There was always a gotcha.

    You could edit remotely, but you had to provide your own expensive gear. Or, edit remotely with only a scaled down application or two and necessitating an expensive infrastructure to handle it.

    BeBop Desktop

    BeBop allows a creative to easily access a VM (Virtual Machine) located in a data center near you.

    This virtual machine has a ton of CPU and GPU horsepower, and fast enough storage to handle most anything you throw at it. Everything runs inside this VM, no processing is done on your local machine.

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