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    BeBop Technology to Deploy Its Post-Production Platform on Google Cloud Platform

    LOS ANGELES – (April 8, 2018) – BeBop Technology announced today it will offer its groundbreaking secure post-production platform on Google Cloud Platform. This deployment will extend the BeBop footprint into all three major public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and now Google Cloud Platform.

    It will also reinforce BeBop’s strategic goal to provide virtually any customer with its powerful suite of cloud-based post- production services without preference of one public cloud over another.

    “We designed BeBop to offer the features and capabilities the media and entertainment industry requires to securely and seamlessly move post-production workflows to the cloud,” said Bruce Long, CEO and co-founder of BeBop Technology. “That commitment includes ensuring the BeBop platform is available wherever our customers need it to be, and deploying on Google Cloud Platform is the latest exciting step in that direction.”

    The BeBop platform provides movie studios, broadcasters, networks, post-production houses, and digital content producers with powerful and secure virtualized workspaces. Almost all editorial and distribution processes can be done remotely on these BeBop workstations, which run industry-standard editing, titling, VFX, 3D modeling, animation, compositing, and motion graphics tools. Media can be processed, rendered, managed, and delivered in the cloud, on demand, with as little as a 20Mbps Internet connection. Additionally, BeBop’s Over the Shoulder (OTS) premium service allows users to share a secure and affordable remote collaborate-review-approve session in real time.

    BeBop has been available on AWS since the platform launched in 2015 and deployed on Azure this year. The company is collaborating with Google Cloud to complete integration and testing for an anticipated launch in the third quarter of 2018.

    BeBop’s suite of services are available either running within a customer’s private account with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, or as a turnkey BeBop platform with ingest, virtual machines, access to editorial applications and storage. The addition of Google Cloud Platform will ensure BeBop’s flexibility to answer any use case scenario with any major cloud partner, and the user experience is exactly the same in all three public cloud providers.


    About BeBop Technology

    BeBop Technology was founded in 2015 by veteran entertainment industry executive Bruce Long and cloud technology expert David Benson. The company creates the most complete, secure, and innovative solutions for moving workflows to the cloud. BeBop is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver. For more information:

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