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    GrayMeta’s Iris Media Solutions Now Available on the BeBop Cloud Platform

    LOS ANGELES & THOUSAND OAKS, CA – (April 8, 2019) – GrayMeta, the leading provider of professional media players and metadata solutions for content owners and creators, and BeBop Technology, provider of the most robust and secure platforms and solutions for moving media workflows to the cloud, announced today GrayMeta’s Iris Media Solutions are now available on the BeBop cloud platform.

    Iris Media Solutions is GrayMeta’s suite of studio-grade media players and professional quality control (QC) solutions. QC teams working in studios, broadcast networks, and media services providers can count on true reference playback, a flexible interface for any task or workflow, and support for all media file types, including 4K, IMF, and HDR content. The robust set of QC features enables them to deliver content with the confidence that it meets all required specifications.

    With Iris now available on the BeBop platform, users can leverage the powerful QC toolset of Iris to validate content without the need for specialized hardware. This is because the BeBop platform enables processing-heavy post-production projects such as visual effects and editing in the cloud on extremely powerful and highly secure virtualized desktops from as small as a 20mbps internet connection.

    In teaming up with BeBop, we provide greater value to small teams of content creators, editors, and QC professionals who require more flexibility,” says Tom Szabo, chief executive officer of GrayMeta. “We believe that, regardless of where or how these teams collaborate, the combination of Iris and the BeBop cloud platform will enhance their post-production workflows and enable them to deliver content with the utmost confidence.”

    Iris users will be able to access the software utilizing BeBop’s “bring your own license” model, which empowers creatives to use the same industry-standard tools they work with every day, but in the cloud. This same process visual effects artists, editors, and animators use for other software offered on the BeBop platform, including Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications like Premiere Pro®, After Effects®, and Photoshop®, and Autodesk’s Maya®.

    “At BeBop we are big believers in GrayMeta, their vision, and their product roadmap, and we are proud to have their powerful Iris suite of media solutions now available on BeBop,” said Bruce Long, CEO & co-founder of BeBop Technology. “The number of software tools available on the BeBop cloud platform continues to grow, and we anticipate not only adding to the offerings in the quality control and quality assurance arena, but also look forward to working with GrayMeta on robust new solutions for creativity and beyond.”

    Iris users will also be able to make use of additional key features of the BeBop platform, including BeBop OTS (Over The Shoulder) for secure and affordable remote collaboration, review and approval sessions in real-time, and BeBop Rocket, a powerful roundtrip file transfer solution for onboarding existing on-premises workflows into the cloud. The BeBop platform is deployed on all of the major public clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    The BeBop cloud platform offers the highest level of security available in the marketplace, including 2-factor authentication, and has created what is now considered the industry standard for securing media workflows. BeBop’s proprietary security stack is combined with Teradici’s PCoIP technology and Teradici Cloud Access Software, enabling secure virtual editorial workstations on any public cloud with the same user experience as a local machine. This ensures virtually flawless performance from any device, while creating a risk-free environment for artists.


    About BeBop Technology

    Los Angeles-based BeBop Technology was founded in 2015 by veteran entertainment industry executive Bruce Long and Cloud technology expert David Benson. The company creates the most complete, secure, and innovative solutions for moving media workflows to the cloud. For more information visit, connect with BeBop on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or subscribe to BeBop News.

    About GrayMeta

    GrayMeta is a forward-thinking data company that powers automated metadata collection using artificial intelligence and machine learning – representing a new way of creating and extracting metadata across the enterprise. GrayMeta Curio offers the freedom to create, extract and store intelligent metadata – expanding searchability across more applications and turning information into valuable data. Iris Media Solutions deliver all the video QC, collaboration, and workflow tools you need. Get true, accurate playback of encoded and mastered content from your desktop and deliver all forms of professional file content, including HDR and IMF, through the production life cycle. For more information about GrayMeta, visit

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