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    2 min read

    IBM Aspera highlights for the IBC Show 2019

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    During IBC Show 2019, IBM Aspera will showcase its latest advancements across the following areas:

    1. New hybrid multicloud workflow automation

    Organizations across media and entertainment need to enable and expand cloud-based workflows that seamlessly connect hybrid environments.

    With the new automation app now available to early access clients of IBM Aspera on Cloud, users can streamline content delivery with recurring or event-based transfer workflows using an easy-to-use graphical workflow designer tool.

    Additionally, organizations using IBM Aspera Orchestrator can now use a new plug-in for IBM Watson Language Translator that works in collaboration with other available Watson plug-ins for speech-to-texttext-to-speech and video enrichment services. This translation plug-in can translate text in many languages using Watson neural machine translation capabilities to improve the speed and accuracy of text translation.

    2. More secure exchange of media assets

    In order to facilitate secure asset movement through multicloud architectures, IBM Aspera is partnering with other industry-leading technology providers to build a reference implementation of a blockchain-based distributed ledger and establish a digital asset trust network (DATN). Together with BeBop TechnologyBreaker.ioIrdetoLinius and NECF, IBM Aspera is releasing an open source project that allows developers to establish an immutable chain of custody for media assets. When implemented, this digital asset trust framework (DATF) will add an additional layer of security to content exchange and enable smart contract execution logic that can trigger automated file transfers based upon business requirements. The integration of DATF tools results in mitigated risks and increased levels of collaboration and productivity, enabling all partners to co-create value faster in modern, highly distributed cloud-based environments.

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