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    Is Remote the New Normal for Broadcast, Production and Post?

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    As this pandemic has swept the world, many productions have halted. Others have moved to an entirely new way of working.

    “Remote and collaborative online tools and frameworks for everything from managing productions and teams, to newsrooms, live production itself, and of course editorial and post production have all been a hotbed of innovation and development over recent years.

    Each year at the major trade shows I attend demos of more and more decentralized, virtualized, web based, collaborative systems for managing all aspects of team-based production, and post, both internally for teams, and for external stake holders and clients.

    It seems that the current health situation facing all of us has thrust this topic of discussion, and the tools that make it possible into the spotlight…

    Bebop is a software ecosystem aimed at post facilities and professionals allowing them to run a high-end virtual workstation in the cloud, complete with high speed shared storage, high end GPU’s and everything else needed to run industry leading editing, VFX, 3D, color and finishing software.

    Bebop Rocket is an optimized file transfer service which can help seamlessly move media and files to the cloud. Transfers are encrypted and storage is completely secure. There is even a disaster recovery option that provides encrypted backups of media and files.

    Bebop hardware is scaleable, meaning it’s no longer tied to physical purchased hardware. Bebop is subscription based and they are able to build turnkey solutions hosted on Azure, AWS, or GCP, which will include all virtual BeBop workstations, storage and required cloud infrastructure…”

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