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    1 min read

    NAB 2019: GrayMeta Turned Attendees’ Eyes to Iris, Curio Solutions

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    LAS VEGAS — GrayMeta used NAB to tout its latest Iris and Curio solutions, including Iris Cloud and a GrayMeta Curio extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

    “Our main focus at the show was Iris Media Solutions, including our Iris server products and our new product, Iris Cloud,” Gregory Cox, VP of Technical Product Solutions at GrayMeta, told the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance…

    Cox also pointed to a deal with fellow MESA member BeBop Technology that was announced during NAB under which Iris Media Solutions are now available on BeBop’s cloud platform.

    BeBop is “taking Iris and virtualizing it in their environment,” Cox said, explaining that’s enabling BeBop clients to, in turn, use Iris in their environments as well. GrayMeta “worked out a subscription model, whereby you can actually buy monthly licenses for Iris and use them in the BeBop platform, which is a powerful, secure platform that provides all the analytics that you might need,” he said…”

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