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    2 min read

    NHRA Lives in the Cloud for At-Home Editing, Production of Racing Content

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    Sony, BeBop, NewTek, and Grass Valley are supplying the remote workflows

    “As the U.S. sits at a prolonged red light due to the coronavirus, the National Hot Rod Association is still seeing green. Despite being shut out of NHRA’s Glendora, CA, headquarters, the production team has kept its foot on the gas pedal in terms of content creation, thanks to an at-home workflow that features cloud-based editing and storage, video recording through Skype, and equipment from NewTek and Grass Valley.

    The setup in NHRA’s Rob Hedrick’s apartment‘When NHRA built a studio in Glendora, we decided to go with a NewTek TriCaster 460 and TalkShow box, but, when I saw what San Francisco did [to prevent the spread of coronavirus] a few days before Los Angeles went into lockdown, I went up to the office and took the equipment as well as a mixer,” says Rob Hedrick, director, postproduction/supervising producer, NHRA. “The workflow has been amazingly simple, and we’ve been cranking out content like we’re still working inside of our studio.’

    From In-Studio to At-Home: Gradual Move to the Cloud Minimizes Obstacles

    In the current circumstances, an actual “at-home” workflow might seem lucky or coincidental, but the NHRA team would probably consider it a product of meticulous planning. Prior to the start of the pandemic, the drag-racing organization was looking to change production from relying heavily on onsite, in-person interaction to a practice that is more agile and adaptable.

    ‘We had already started transitioning to cloud-based editing with Bebop Technology after last year’s NAB and finished the process by getting our last editor in the cloud a month before [the pandemic] started happening,” says Hedrick. “We sent people home with their desktops and/or Teradici Zero Clients beforehand.’…”

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