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    Daily Webinar Series: “Work From Home Securely”

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    Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday March 11, 2020, BeBop Technology will conduct daily webinars from 2-2:30pm Pacific. These webinars will be devoted to communicating best practices, ideas, and information related to Working From Home Securely for our customers, partners, and the Media & Entertainment industry at large.

    BeBop’s mission has been the same since our founding 5 years ago: to enable creatives to create from anywhere, anytime, securely, using the same industry-leading software tools they use every day on-premises. We believe our longstanding position as a thought-leader and innovator in cloud technology and secure remote workflows requires us to share our expertise and deep well of knowledge. Our goal is to help M&E companies minimize business interruption, and to provide creatives with reassurance and confidence about working from home securely.

    The first webinar (Wed Mar 11) will be led by industry-expert Michael Kammes, BeBop’s Director of Business Development, and will focus on Best Practices for Working From Home Securely. The next webinar (Thu Mar 12) will feature BeBop Customer Success Specialist Brian Bedell and focus on Best Practices for Creatives Working From Home Utilizing BeBop. Our webinars include a Chat feature to enable asking questions in real time, and video and transcripts from every webinar in the series will be available on our blog afterward.

    We’ll update the descriptions for subsequent webinars a day or two before to allow us to have maximum flexibility and ensure that the topics we discuss are the most top of mind that day. We anticipate that some webinars will also feature several BeBop partners providing experts to address specific topics.

    Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions about our secure remote workflow solutions that are in use today around the world, and someone from Team BeBop will get back to you as soon as possible.

    BeBop is here to help, and we’re ready to help you today.