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    Say Hello to BeBop OS Remote

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    We're thrilled to debut BeBop OS Remote subscriptions, which allow you to work and collaborate remotely on the BeBop OS using your local hardware instead of virtual workstations!

    MicrosoftTeams-image-2Since we launched BeBop our Virtual subscriptions have given you access to VMs in the cloud, with the BeBop OS sitting on top of your private cloud infrastructure on AWS, GCP, or Azure.

    But having a full cloud deployment isn't the ideal solution for many companies. Cost is obviously a huge factor, but also the complexity vis-a-vis their overall operations.

    Adding BeBop OS Remote to our subscription mix enables us to offer a great solution for companies that already don't have a cloud deployment, or have one but also have users who need to work and collaborate remotely from on premises (or otherwise use their local hardware).

    And we can do it for less than $30 a month per user.

    Here's what's included:

    • Utilize BeBop Flex as your global shared storage volume
    • Move seamlessly between on premise remote and cloud-based virtual workflows
    • Mount multiple projects on the same workstation
    • Get on demand review and approval in a browser with annotated notes using BeBop Notes
    • Send and receive BeBop Links to share content files or streaming sessions
    • View, search, tag, pin, and get status on content being indexed in your storage through our Content Hub
    • Lock projects while working to ensure no one overwrites your work
    • Add enterprise-level security with Single Sign On (SSO)

    Keep in mind we require a minimum of 5 accounts to use BeBop OS Remote. Want to know more? Hit the contact button above!