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    Independent Filmmaking in the New Era of the Cloud

    Since 1984, when I began my career in the film industry working on the production of independent...

    What Can Creating in the Cloud Do for You?

    The cloud.

    You’ve looked into it. You’ve scanned some forums, and maybe heard a talk or two about...

    VFX in the Cloud

    The power and flexibility of production in the cloud has multiple benefits for VFX studios both...

    Google GPU’s, BeBop Virtual Workstations and How They’re Empowering Media & Entertainment

    Just a few weeks ago, Google’s annual cloud focused event Google Cloud Next ’18 took place. This...

    AWS re:Invent 2017: BeBop’s David Benson & Pop TV’s Patrick Yew on transforming M&E workflows

    GPUs have a large application in Media and Entertainment workloads. From backend video processing...

    Zadara Storage Webinar: Moving Media & Entertainment File Production to the Cloud

    Bruce Long of Bebop Technology and Damon Neale & Ben Foakes of BASE Media Cloud discuss the major...