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    SVG Tech Insight: Remote Content Creation in the Age of COVID-19

    “As professional sports teams return and adapt to playing in empty stadiums, their respective...

    David Benson at Remote Control: The Virtual Production Conference

    Our CTO & Co-founder Dave Benson was a featured speaker at the Advanced Imaging Society’s ...

    Brad Boim from NFL Media Discusses BeBop!

    This is an excerpt from Key Code Media’s “Remote Post Production for Media Companies” webinar...

    Universal Shifting to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform for Live-Action, Animation Production

    ”Universal Filmed Entertainment Group has its head in the cloud — and now it’s going to push its...

    The Return of NHRA: Game Creek Nitro Powers On-Site Production; Sony Ci Powers Off-Site Needs

    ‘NHRA roared back on July 10 with the events that not only featured loud cars tearing down the...

    Michael Kammes Explains Cloud Terms for Post Production

    ”Post production has its own language, but as we incorporate the cloud more and more into...

    Kicking the Tires on BeBop Technology and Remote Video Editing

    Scott Simmons of ProVideo Coalition reviewed BeBop, and we are jazzed (pun intended) to share...

    Is Remote the New Normal for Broadcast, Production and Post?

    As this pandemic has swept the world, many productions have halted. Others have moved to an...

    NFL Draft 2020: NFL Media Deploys iPhone Production Kits, Coordinates 600+ Live Feeds To Bring Virtual Draft to Fans


    In absence of a physical Draft, NFL Media teams with ESPN to serve fans with unique experience

    Adobe Video Partners Support Collaboration for Teams Working Remotely


    “Adobe’s video partners provide a range of integrated technologies—from workstations, virtual...