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    1 min read

    Talking Remote Editing With The Expert Michael Kammes

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    There’s a lot of levels to what “remote editing” could mean and we try to touch on all of them in this podcast.

    “As we watch the spread of the coronavirus continue so does the talk about remote editing and editing at home so I wanted to talk remote editing with an expert on the subject, Michael Kammes. I’ve had calls about this, I’ve been messaged about it and I’ve seen tons of discussion online about it.

    Talking remote editing with the expert Michael Kammes I know a bit about some ways to edit remotely but not enough to answer all of the questions I had been receiving. I thought to myself… who knows the most about this topic than anyone else on the planet and that was an easy answer in my friend Michael, of 5 Things fame.

    Michael works for BeBop Technology who is a leader in this field. Michael has been on an incredibly busy schedule these last few days as interest in this topic has exploded. He was kind enough to sit down with me Sunday evening for about an hour to answer all the questions I had (and I’m sure you have too) about remote editing…”

    Check out the full article and listen to the podcast here!