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    Virtual Post Deploys BeBop Platform

    LOS ANGELES & LONDON – (September 17, 2018) –  BeBop Technology, provider of robust and secure  platforms and solutions for moving workflows to the cloud, announced today that London-based Virtual Post, one of U.K.’s most innovative post and content services companies, has deployed the BeBop cloud post-production platform, BeBop Rocket and BeBop Over the Shoulder (OTS) for use on a variety of its television, film, and advertising projects.  

    “Distributed or hybrid solutions are rapidly changing the face of post-production around the globe and Virtual Post is leading the charge with our incredibly talented and experienced team and growing ecosystem of cloud and on-prem tools – and BeBop is a pivotal piece of that ecosystem,” said Jon Lee, CEO of Virtual Post. “With the addition of BeBop OTS, our producers can now participate live in Virtual edit sessions to comment and provide feedback from anywhere in the world, just as they would by attending an edit session in the room.” 

    The BeBop cloud platform provides film, broadcast, and post-production companies with powerful and secure virtualized workspaces for remote editorial or VFX projects. BeBop runs industry-standard editing, titling, VFX, 3D modeling, animation, compositing, and motion graphics tools, on demand and in the cloud, from as small as a 20Mbps Internet connection. BeBop Over the Shoulder (OTS) enables creatives to share a secure and affordable remote collaborate-review-approve session in real-time. BeBop Rocket is the only high-speed file upload solution optimized to dynamically leverage the scalability of the cloud, and for a predictable monthly cost. 

    “The brilliant creatives at Virtual Post not only represent the direction post-production is headed, but how it’s already being transformed by groundbreaking cloud solutions like the BeBop platform, Rocket and Over the Shoulder,” said Bruce Long, CEO and co-founder of BeBop Technology. “We are thrilled to provide BeBop to enable Virtual Post’s continued leadership is this fast-evolving space.” 

    Virtual Post leverages the cloud whenever possible to eliminate cost burdens and the complexities and constraints of traditional bricks and mortar post houses. As it strives to offer a completely cloud-based post-production facility, it has been working closely with BeBop Technology to ensure high quality client service, efficiency, and security for the editorial, review and approval processes. Virtual Post offers full-service post-production for media and entertainment projects such as TV production, short-form and feature work. It’s range of content services include ingest, quality control, frame rate conversion, repurposing and transcoding, content management, and multiplatform order fulfilment and delivery.   

    The BeBop platform runs on all of the major public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and announced a strategic integration with Adobe in April 2018 to make Adobe Creative Cloud available natively on the BeBop platform worldwide. 


    About BeBop Technology 

    BeBop Technology was founded in 2015 by veteran entertainment industry executive Bruce Long and Cloud technology expert David Benson. The company creates the most complete, secure, and innovative solutions for moving workflows to the Cloud. BeBop is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver. For more information: 

    About Virtual Post  

    UK-based Virtual Post is a new breed of post and content servicing company. It leverages the benefits of the cloud to compliment traditional working methods. The company couples a highly talented, dedicated team with many years of experience in traditional post production and content management with a growing ecosystem of cloud and on-prem tools for projects of every scale or complexity. For more information: 

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