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    4 min read

    BeBop Spotlight: Patrick Yew

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    BeBop Spotlight is where we let BeBoppers and creative luminaries shine, and give us some insight into their virtual and remote post experiences and thoughts on the cloud.
    Patrick Yew is a veteran post-production expert and visionary (and a long-time BeBop user!). He is the former VP of Post-Production for Pop TV, Director of Post-Production at TVGN, and managed post-production for TV Guide Channel).

    How did you get into media, post production, and digital technology?

    I entered college as a Mechanical Engineer and switched to Film Studies during college.

    When I got out of college I came to Los Angeles to work on set in film and television. After nine years I transitioned into post production. This circuitous route to post has served me well in the many transitions that post production has gone through these past 15 years. During my time on set, I realized the many great stories that were being told, but due to distribution, they didn’t always get seen by the general public. Now with social media and the streaming services, these stories can be told. I like being able to help tell these stories, that’s what keeps me going in this topsy turvy business.

    What led to down a path to the cloud?


    At the company I was working at, we started to run out of physical edit space. I was shown Bebop and recognized that Bebop could solve this problem. In the beginning, costs didn’t allow use to move everything up to the cloud, but it was a great working solution. The editor and producer that were working on Bebop loved it. They liked the ability to skip the commute and still be just as productive basically using the same tools that they were used too.

    How did you use remote workflows and the cloud in your job?


    In the beginning we used cloud primarily for offline workflows or rough cuts and finished in the edit bay on-premise. We gradually used the cloud for the whole process from ingest, editing, to delivery. This last step was done when Covid hit. The good thing was that we were already there with many of the steps already and just added the last delivery step during Covid.

    PopTV traditional on-prem workflow prior to Covid:


    PopTV hybrid on-prem/cloud workflow prior to and during the start of Covid:


    PopTV all cloud workflow (work from home) during Covid:


    What does the future of remote workflows and the cloud look like in your mind?


    The future is always hard to imagine, but as the connectivity of devices gets faster and better, the cloud will become the hub for everything. Much like virtualization has taken over corporate IT, I think cloud and the tools being developed there will change the M&E space. It is starting to go from sensor to cloud, stay in the cloud for edit, and then deliver from the cloud. The clunkiness with high quality monitoring of cloud media is already in the infant stages of being worked on. Once it gets ironed out, I think this last hurdle for full cloud workflows will be cleared. It is already here for things like live streams via social media, but later I think the quality can increase to match what we do in finish bays now. I’m excited to see what AI will bring to workflows. Everything from color to storytelling can have a great first pass on stories. It is already happening to some press stories and sports highlights. So it only seems a matter of time before full stories will be done this way. I think there will be a place for people to refine and put their mark on the product, but much of the tedious chores can be done in an automated fashion.

    The future is exciting and I can’t wait to see what it brings!