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    BeBop Spotlight: Patrick Yew

    BeBop Spotlight is where we let BeBoppers and creative luminaries shine, and give us some insight into their virtual and remote post experiences and thoughts on the cloud.
    Patrick Yew is a veteran post-production expert and visionary (and a long-time BeBop user!). He is the former VP of Post-Production for Pop TV, Director of Post-Production at TVGN, and managed post-production for TV Guide Channel).

    NHRA Wins 3 Telly Awards!

    Congratulations to NHRA on winning three 2021 Telly Awards for their fantastic work, including...

    Parsec Is Now on BeBop!

    Parsec and BeBop Technology are thrilled to announce we’ve partnered to integrate Parsec’s...

    New BeBop Feature Calling

    Another new BeBop feature is calling on line one! We've added audio conferencing support to...

    Massive BeBop Update!

    Check out what's new and improved with our latest software update! We've added new features,...

    Improve Your Remote Creative Experience with Our eBook

    Happy New Year!!

    As we're all super aware, post-production is still adapting to the new, remote...

    BeBop Movember Announcement – We Grew Some Features!

    BeBop Movember Announcement

    We Grew Some Features! 

    SVG Tech Insight: Remote Content Creation in the Age of COVID-19

    “As professional sports teams return and adapt to playing in empty stadiums, their respective...

    David Benson at Remote Control: The Virtual Production Conference

    Our CTO & Co-founder Dave Benson was a featured speaker at the Advanced Imaging Society’s ...

    Brad Boim from NFL Media Discusses BeBop!

    This is an excerpt from Key Code Media’s “Remote Post Production for Media Companies” webinar...