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    2 min read

    Getting Greener in Celebration of Earth Day

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    How are you going greener for Earth Day? Here are some of the ways in which investing in Cloud storage and computing is an environmentally friendly choice:

    • Cloud storage requires less energy than individual physical servers. In fact, it’s estimated that by the year 2020, Cloud computing could reduce the amount of energy used by data centers by 38%.
    • The ability to access data from anywhere via the Cloud reduces the need to print physical copies of information, thereby reducing paper waste.
    • Similarly, the Cloud makes it easier to share information with others, creating opportunities for remote work and reducing the need for in-person information exchanges, which can potentially reduce travel costs and carbon emissions.
    • All hardware has to be replaced eventually. Cloud computing reduces the opportunity for old hardware to end up in up in landfills. Over 2 million tons of E-waste is thrown away yearly in the U.S., and only 27% of it is recycled.
      • BTW – If you have electronics (laptops, servers, cell phones, etc.) you need to dispose of, start by removing all sensitive information from the devices, then consider these environmentally friendly disposal options:
        • If the device is less than 5 years old and still functioning, check with local schools and non-profits to see if the hardware can be donated.
        • Companies like Apple, Dell, eBay, Best Buy, Staples, Amazon, and others have electronic recycling programs, donation partners, and/or trade in options for old electronics.