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    2 min read

    The New Normal: Introducing Fusion and Making Cloud Economics Work Now

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    Are you ready for some Fusion? As the industry gradually starts to open back up, we’re at a tipping point where media and entertainment companies recognize that remote workflow solutions aren’t just for responding to a crisis; a long-term cloud strategy is necessary not just for business continuity, but everyday operations.

    This week, Wednesday June 3, 2020, BeBop co-founders Bruce Long (CEO) & David Benson (CTO) spoke with partners at Fusion Workflows, Managing Partner Mark Turner and Senior Consultant Chris Vienneau, both longtime M&E technology thought-leaders, to introduce the partnership with Fusion and steer the conversation toward the future of media workflows… which is already present.

    Did you miss the original webinar? No need to worry, here’s another opportunity, we’ve uploaded a copy of the video here for you!


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