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    Improve Your Remote Creative Experience with Our eBook

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    Happy New Year!!

    As we're all super aware, post-production is still adapting to the new, remote normal. Countless creatives have had to adjust to working remotely.

    We created a handy guide of best practices and tips for visual effects artists, editors, and creatives in general on how to set up ideal environments at home or on the road to work remotely with minimal headaches.


    We designed this eBook to be tech "agnostic" - this isn't a glossy sales pitch all about how great BeBop is (I mean, it is, but that's not the point)! The expertise we have at BeBop is unmatched across the industry because in addition to being cloud experts we're also creatives ourselves. We've been in our customers' shoes, and we know where all the trips are when remotely creating content. So we hope you find the eBook helpful!

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