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    1 min read

    Massive BeBop Update!

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    Check out what's new and improved with our latest software update! We've added new features, improved the user interface, and revamped what's under the hood to give you amazing flexibility in managing your subscriptions!

    First, we made lots of subtle improvements to the overall BeBop user experience, including contextual help links that lead directly to our extensive online knowledge base.


    On the storage front we’ve added the ability to designate your BeBop Flex volume as read-only to enable evergreen content at much lower price points.


    Last but certainly not least on the plumbing front (yes, we said plumbing 😁) we’ve completely revamped the way BeBop subscriptions are managed throughout the entire BeBop OS+!

    You can now access new BeBop OS+ features seamlessly. Simply add subscriptions, assign them to users, and start BeBopping! No manual intervention needed! This release also rolled out the core framework that will enable us to expand these improvements with future releases.

    For details of what's included in BeBop release 2021.1 check out the Release Notes.


    As always, if you have any questions please let us know, and thank you for following BeBop!