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    2 min read

    NHRA Wins 3 Telly Awards!

    Featured Image

    Congratulations to NHRA on winning three 2021 Telly Awards for their fantastic work, including remote production, during this very challenging past year! We couldn't be more thrilled for them, or honored to help them bring racing home for tens of millions of fans.

    Gold Winner - Sports Television:

    The Harder the Conflict: Houston Show Open

    National Hot Rod Association
    Producer: Steve Reintjes
    Director of Photography: Lauren Adams
    Writer/VO: Brian Lohnes


    Bronze Winner - Remote Production:


    National Hot Rod Association
    NHRA Rewind: Gainesville
    Host: Brian Lohnes
    Producer: Steve Reintjes
    Director: Rob Hedrick


    Bronze Winner - Promotional Video: Image Campaign


    National Hot Rod Association:
    Stronger Together
    Producer: Steve Reintjes
    Director: Rob Hedrick